How To Write Resignation Letter [Example, Samples]

Letter of Resignation: Are you aware this most useful and informative term? Maybe or Maybe not. But let’s begin here, in this article the brief and vast too description of resignation letters is provided. So are you ready to resign in any company? These letters are the first thing to do. A Letter of resignation is a letter which provides you the major opportunity to thanks your teamwork or company or industry or field in which you were working.

When you are going to leave or already left that company then you suppose to thank that field for giving that opportunity and experience whatever you shared with that company or whatever you learned or got from that field. You should definitely appreciate that and thanks them for considering you the best deserver for that position. Now if you are going to leave then that field should be appreciated by you professionally so that you become a good memory for that industry and you can also share personal relationships with them in a business field too. This letter makes your positive and deep relation with an old employer while leaving and it will make strong and positive professional impression of yours with them.

There can be various reasons that you are changing your company, maybe you are getting better opportunity for yourself where you will be paid higher salary, maybe you are shifting due to personal reasons like partner’s shifting, children’s education, location, city, industry, due to environmental issues, lack of public facilities etc. The basic purpose of writing resignation letter is just making aware of the owner of the company and you are also leaving in professional and written agreement way.

Although this is not compulsory to write resignation letter still many owners believe that the one leaving this position to leave it in a professional way by signing a written resignation letter agreement.  In many cases, it is advisable that you should leave any job with good relations with your boss. You never know when you need to run to them so try to make your relations according to that mark. The resignation letter is a better way to personally contact and thanks to them positively by appreciating their support that they gave you throughout your journey. Don’t forget to be respectful to your boss no matter what type of relations you are sharing with them. When you leave without resignation letter it shows disrespect and unmannered way.

Resignation can be done online or offline. You can write a letter on paper and sign it and make it deposit to an owner of the company or you can also email that letter online by following exact format.

How To Write a Resignation Letter

An important and basic part of any letter or article is its body and format. How you format your letter give its first impression and make you look professional. Much minor yet detailed information is needed to be kept in mind. So let’s get started with our introduction to some basic points:

FORMAT: Format of your resignation letter is simply single-spaced with single space gap between paragraphs and have 1 margin gap and always slide your text towards the left side.

FONT AND SIZE: Use required size example may be font size between 10 to 12 points. Your font style can be caliber or Cambria whatever you liked. Make its font and size impressive and in a limit.

LETTER’S LENGTH: Make the length of your resignation letter concise. You need not write pages after pages to make it ineffective to reader’s eyes. Most of the resignation letter’s length is not more than one page. Make it short, brief, positive and impressive.

ACCURACY: The important steps that make your impression and shows your command over these subjects and make you look professional is having your accuracy towards your work or making it as precise as you can.

MEDIUM OF SENDING: resignation letter can be sent to the receiver via any way. Either you can mail it or write in or mail it. Both will be suitable. Depends on your time of sending if it is exact before the day you are leaving sending an email is always a better option without delaying.

How To Write a Resignation Letter


-Although I enjoyed working as a member of (mention the company’s name), a certain family crisis makes me shift to other company and I have to vacate my position. My final day of work will be (mention your last date). I have some junior colleagues in my known I will try to recommend the suitable ones to work for your company. I hope we can stay in touch in future for many more business purposes and I will love to work with you again as a partner.

-Effective two weeks from the resignation letter, I am resigning from my position (mention it). Thank you for the opportunities and love you have offered me. I wish to have this company (write company’s name) many more successes.

Such above headlines you can mention in your letter while making a great start an make it well impressive and for more such examples you can download many templates and samples from Google and get what suitable for you.

Writing a Letter of Resignation

Resignation letters are mostly written in template form. Letters are known or can be written using the sample and example of templates. A template is a file which is a formal layout of overall details and format is used for a group of documents. It is just a normal way of laying out your article or letter or a form, pattern or mold used as a guide to make something. The template is only created when new letter or article is written. You can copy or download many articles from the net and can save them and use according to your use.

There are various types of templates that you commonly use. The ruler can be used as a template when you want to draw a straight line. The document in which common closing and opening parts are already filled they are as templates. And that you can copy and fill them as variable parts. The overlay also you put on your computer screen by special keys is a particular application is also known as a template. Also, flowcharting templates help programmers draw a flowchart or some sequences which are logical which are used for writing code. There are different resignation letter templates used for different purposes, some of them are shared below:

  1. DETAILED RESIGNATION LETTER TEMPLATE: This type of resignation letter is for those who are working in the same company for a very long time, where he has to express in detail about the reasons for leaving or resigning along with providing feedback for that company.
  2. STANDARD RESIGNATION LETTER TEMPLATE: This template makes the job done in a positive manner and while resigning here the person has to inform both to the line manager and human resource manager in a company.
  3. FORMAL RESIGNATION LETTER TEMPLATE: This template is the formal type and is essential. It is for the people who are unsatisfied or unhappy but can’t explain their feelings because of fear of affecting their reference to any other company.
  4. RETIREMENT RESIGNATION LETTER TEMPLATE: This template is about the person who is getting retired from the job and will no more proceed in their career.
  5. SHORT OR EXTENDED NOTICE RESIGNATION LETTER TEMPLATE: These templates allow you to request a reduced or short notice period than the contract allows you to do. And in extended one this templates allows you to get the extended notice period for some more time.

Above are some important templates you can use in you resigning issue. And it is a good idea to get the acknowledgment receipt after submitting your resignation. This will help you in future disputes regarding this.

Sample Resignation Letter

Whenever you have decided that you are going to leave this job or company the first important, basic and professional thing you have to do is just write a resignation letter and make them submit. It is a basic and important agreement signed by an employer when he or she is willing to leave that job. It is important to announce human resources, superiors, co-workers, employers your intention that you are leaving your current position. It is a polite way to send a letter or mail of resigning your position. You can do this within minimum two weeks generally accepted. You never know that when you need that previous employer or owner to give you as a reference so it is better to write the end letter in a polished way professionally, calmly and positively. Make sure that your letter is providing official notice that you are terminating your employment with the company or industry. Whenever you are accepting any purpose of the job make sure you end the one in which you are presently working. After all, you are ending a formal contract and it is the best way to sign it in the written way in this you can have a written and undeniable argument.

Sample Resignation Letter

As you signed a new agreement you are entering into a new job where you agree to work in return for payment. Even if you don’t have written agreement you do it on a contractual basis and when you wish to cease this contract you have to do it professionally, formally and legally so it is the best way to sign a written agreement whether you are joining or resigning. Make sure to write your letter simple, brief and polite. That’s true that you are leaving that company but don’t criticize your company, employer or your job as you don’t know when it can be used as a reference. Make sure you appreciate the time that you have with them. Also, include some basic maybe not personal information that why you are leaving this company. Thanks that opportunity and appreciate it. If you are not getting ideas or points to emphasize on this check some online websites and templates from where you can get many materials and direct link for downloading the templates for your resignation letter. Use them as a sample or example and make your letter professional.

A resignation letter is considered as supporting document to the human resources to recruit replacement because Human resource makes sure that they don’t recruit more than required. Also, it acts as supporting document between drafting their letter of acceptance and providing your service letter. And most commonly it is the professional way of submitting your resignation with a proper reason behind this.

Resignation Letter Samples

resignation letter samples for personal reasons, resignation letter sample for family reasons
resignation letter samples for personal reasons, resignation letter sample for family reasons

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It’s very important the way you format your letter and what stuff you include in your letter or what you used to make it impressive. It’s important to keep in your mind that with what material you are addressing in your resignation letter. Resignation letter not only defines the intent to leave the job but also provides the information regarding the end day of work and this will be helpful in transition and ease it for both employers and employees. In order to make your exit positive and graceful, employer mention his appreciation and thankfulness in the letter, also appreciate your colleagues or boss for supporting throughout the journey in that company and shared many relationships and businesses with you. Moreover, resignation letter provides better chance to change your position or company as it creates a bond between employees and employers. It is a sense of leaving the job in respectful and appreciable manner.

A resignation letter is not a place where you share your criticizes or make other to face them. Just forget about any bad relations you were sharing or any differences you have and make an amicable ending. It is always better to resign in person and then follow up resignation letter procedure. Regardless of why you are leaving and what you are joining make sure not to comment any negative point regarding your company, your supervisors, or co-workers they definitely not like it. Make your supervisors or boss think that they were great and mean a lot to you even if they are not. Make it professional and positive as possible as you can. Yes, it needs to make sense that why you are leaving any job but in certain cases, it is not necessary to mention the reason, in case they are personal or not mentionable. Focus on making your letter brief and to the point which is advantageous. Make sure your letter doesn’t contain any error or mistakes for this check your letters and also follow the tips mention in this article so that it will be professional and in an impressive format.

Don’t forget to mention the date of submitting your letter and mention some formal statement of resignation. Write your purposed end date and in the end, make your signature. A letter should be straightforward.

Letter of Resignation Template

letter of resignation template word, simple resignation letter format in word
letter of resignation template word, simple resignation letter word

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The most important question arises now is that how one can write a perfect resignation letter and what to include and what not. Some important tips should be kept in mind while expressing you:

  1. MAKE YOUR OPENING FORMAL AND FRIENDLY: Hardly matters what kind of relations you have with your boss always makes your letter friendly and respectful. Make a balance in your tone while mentioning or appreciating to whom you are writing. Write ‘Dear’, ‘respected’ before their name or just mention their name. If you have a cordial relationship with your boss or friendly in attitude you can mention Dear before the name, Eg: Dear Smith
  2. INTENTION BEHIND WRITING THIS LETTER: Clearly and briefly come to the point and mention the reason for being signing a resign letter. This will make it sound as confident. Don’t make your boss think that you are signing out just for sake of salary expenditure but try to mention the suitable reason so that you will not have any discomfort with your boss regarding your changing journey and who knows when you need them again as a reference or something else. You can sign it gladly and calmly mention that ‘I am resigning this company with a great regret’ or ‘I am signing out from my position because of reason (try to mention it), please accept my proposal for this’ etc.
  3. GIVE PROPER NOTICE AT PROPER TIME: Try to mention the exact time and exact reason for resigning your position. Give your boss or company reasonable time for hiring a new employee in your place. Also, understand that if your job is complicated or hard to acquire the new employee may need time to get trained for working efficiently in your position. Try to keep proper time between leaving that job and signing your resignation letter. Give at least two weeks gap between your resigning steps.

You can resign it by mentioning some important starting lines as: “I am resigning this job, please accept my proposal for this. My last day of work will be December 19, 2018” or “I regret leaving this job and here submitting my letter. I will be able to work until the end of this month, with my last date being March 31, 2018.”

  1. MENTION THE REASON FOR LEAVING: As this part is not a compulsion, but still some companies make it important or if you want to mention this than try to be true and mention the exact reason. Like if you are resigning this job for not being happy in working with this company then you no need to go into detail but if you are leaving due to reasons like, changing your location, shifting due to partner’s postponing, due to children’s education, maternity leave or retirement then you can mention these reasons for resigning your position. You can also mention that you are receiving a new opportunity in that field so you are resigning or you are not returning after maternity leave or you are getting retired on this particular date etc.
  2. YOU MAY MENTION THAT YOU WILL HELP DURING TRANSITION: Like if you are willing you can also mention that while leaving this position you will help this company with your transition. You will suggest other people work in this place at the good package with good staff. If you are well wisher of that company and you think that you need to fill big shoes after your transferring than you can mention that you will take responsibility or try to help for getting a deserving candidate for this position. Make sure that you want the company to work smoothly after your transition.
  3. BE THANKFUL AND APPRECIABLE: Don’t forget to be appreciable and thankful in a respectful manner to your company and employees. Mention that how positively this company has influenced your career and how this helped you to secure a better position at the better mark. Recollect those positive memories you spent with that company and make your boss feel that you have the best experience with this opportunity and it has molded you with a positive experience.
  4. MAKE NICE CLOSING WITH KIND NOTE: End your letter with a sweet and impressive salutation. Thanks to them for appreciating that without their help you are not able to secure these heights and mention your contact details so that it will make strong bonding between you and your boss. Try to b grateful for being a part of that company. Make your ending with soft words like ‘warmly’, ‘kind regards’ etc.

And above all try to stay professional and courteous. If you are getting professional then quit like a professional. Reread it and go through it so that it can b error-free. Along with grammar and typing checking also check the way of its impression and how well it is organized and what impression and emotions it will share. Remember once it is shared you are not able to make any correction with your words or expressions.

Remember that your company, employees or boss may again play an important role and maybe you need them again in this small world so don’t affect your bridges. If not possible you are not required to give specific reasons for leaving your job, it’s sufficient to mention that you are shifting because of career opportunity. Also, keep your personal emotions out of this public sector jobs. No need to mention your statuses or showing your financial side.

While submitting and mentioning the time of your resignation keep in mind that you are even asked to leave this job at the end of the same day also be ready for this instead of arguing for delaying it two weeks later.

Your resignation letter can be put in your documentation file so before writing makes sure you make it professional and avoid using abusive and foul language.

Resignation Letter Examples

Always organization plays a vital role in any format, the same as with your letter. It makes it look professional and gives its organized impression. Here how you should format your letter:

  1. HEADING: Begin your resignation letter with yours and employer’s name and contact information. Mention name, title, company’s address, contact information etc followed by the date of starting.
  2. SALUTATION: Address them with sweet salutation after the starting line. Treat their name respectfully (Mr., Mrs., Dear etc).
  3. STARTING PARA: Start by mentioning that you are resigning your job. Also, give the date till when you are leaving. Check your previous relations with that company and give details regarding resignation accordingly.
  4. MIDDLE PARAGRAPHS: If you want you may mention that why you are leaving this job what are the reasons for changing due to salary packages, educational purpose, marital purpose etc. But still, this is not necessary. It is totally ok if you are not willing to mention the reason for your resignation. But still, you should thank them for supporting you throughout your job. Focus more on getting hired in the new company rather than explaining the dislikes about your present company.

Resignation Letter Examples

Also, you may mention helping your company for filling the vacancy caused due to your transition. You may refer other suitable person regarding the positive aspects of that company.

  1. ENDING PARA: At the end, you should thank and appreciate every person you worked with. Thanks to the boss, manager, colleagues, for the projects you worked on etc. Explain your good experience with that field.
  2. CLOSING: Give a sweet and warm closing to your letter. You may write with warm regards, ‘sincerely’ or ‘yours sincerely’. And at the end give your signature in handwritten with your name, if it is a written letter and if it is an email, write your name with your contact information.

Formal Resignation Letter Sample

Also, focus on some points while making your format of your letter:

Less is more if it comes to your resignation letter, as it will be more impressive if it is brief. Give only necessary conversation you can make in your letter. If you want to put more such explanations, you can go personally. As no one prefers to read such long conversations that are out of the topic.

Even to quit your job you need to be professional. You have to write your resignation letter properly. If you already got an offer for your new job, then it is better to get start date as soon as possible and give your resignation letter in next moment you can.

As already mentioned, keep your tone as professional as it can be. Maybe you have friendly nature with your manager but remember that resignation letter is to deal with professional terms in an appropriate manner. So try to address your manager informally.

Formal Resignation Letter Sample

 Resignation Letter Format

A resignation letter is a crucial step while leaving your job. It is the best way to inform your company that you are quitting this job for some certain reason. It is the type of approval process in which you get approval from the human resource manager that you are quitting this job. And its presence indicates many of its uses and importance, some as shared below:

  1. Writing a resignation letter to your company is a type of alert that you are giving to your company that you will no more be the partner of this company and as a responsible worker, it’s your duty that you should write a resignation letter for your company.
  2. Also be aware to know that to which department you are going to submit this letter as it needs to be in right hands in the right way.
  3. You should know that how the letter should be written and what format it should follow, which is already discussed in detail in above-mentioned paragraphs. Its preciseness and accuracy make it professional and can be used as a documentary in your file. So make it effective.
  4. Being an employer of some company you should know the rules and regulations of that company, as some company wants it to submit your resignation letter before 2 weeks and some want it before 1 week. So prepare your letter accordingly on time and get it submitted by the rules.
  5. Make sure (but not necessarily) to mention the reason behind your resigning that position of your company. Discuss whether the reason is relocation, another job, family issues, or some personal reasons.
  6. Think about writing the resignation letter to your manager, because once it is written it can’t be undone. If the reason behind your shifting is just salary then talk about this to your manager, if he disagrees with this issue then proceed and go for resigning.
  7. Your resignation letter should also contain how this company helped you throughout your journey in that field and what experiences it gave you, what skills you acquired, or how it enhanced your career etc.
  8. And in end make your letter positively ending and give it brief and calm salutation. Give a thank you for the opportunity of your expression and express your gratitude or whatever you have learned. Also in end mention the proposal to keep in touch with business opportunities.

 Resignation Letter Format

Including a reason can be tricky but according to your wish, you may mention. Also in most of the cases make sure to make your letter printed and signed properly. No matter in what industry or company you are working, always make sure to write a resignation letter. Make sure to exit your current position in a professional way. With brief, polite and respectful manner, you will able to preserve the relations and recommendations for further in future use for the sake of job or business dealing or in career development.

Best Resignation Letter

best resignation letter for personal reasons, resignation letter due to personal reasons with notice period
best resignation letter for personal reasons, resignation letter due to personal reasons with notice period

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Sample Resignation Letter 2 Week Notice

Sample Resignation Letter 2 Week Notice, simple two week notice letter
Sample Resignation Letter 2 Week Notice, simple two week notice letter

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Sample Resignation Letter Email

Click Here To Download Sample Resignation Letter Email

 Resignation Letter PDF

resignation letter format personal reason pdf, resignation letter format with notice period pdf
resignation letter format personal reason pdf, resignation letter format with notice period pdf

Click Here To Download Resignation Letter PDF

Resignation Letter Doc / Word

Click Here To Download Resignation Letter Doc / Word

Sample Professional Resignation Letter

Resigning is not just a form of a letter you have to consider the way in which you are resigning. There are many good and not so good ways to resign your letter.

Sample Professional Resignation Letter

I have seen many ways of resigning your job. One employee came to manager put a letter on his desk and moved away informing him not to come back again. Another employee argues with a boss and left the job. None of the given reason above is suitable to quit your job. This shows your ill-mannered behavior in front of them.  There are some etiquettes to leave any job by submitting your notice before two weeks so that they also get time to hire a new one.  Also, thanks and appreciate your boss or manager to help you and support you throughout your journey. This shows your respectful nature towards them. Some to be focused points are mentioned below, try to keep them in mind while resigning:

Sample Resignation Letter with Reason

  1. DO TRY TO CLEAN YOUR COMPUTER: Maybe you have given your resigning notice before two weeks but who knows that your boss sends you out whenever he wants, so before writing your letter make sure to clan all your personal files and emails and important data that you have in your pc. Also, take contacts all of your employees to stay in touch with them.
  2. DO GIVE NOTICE AS SOON AS POSSIBLE: No matter when you are leaving and in which situations always make sure to inform them two to three weeks before quitting.
  3. DO WRITE A RESIGNATION LETTER: It’s a good idea to write a resignation letter before leaving. It shows your respectful behavior towards them. You can either email it or can write a letter. You need not say much about it. Just mention your resignation and if you want to mention your reason. For more details, you can download samples regarding these letters.
  4. DO GET THE DETAILS: When you are leaving inform your boss or human resource department and get sure about what benefits you get in your salary or other cases when you entitled to leave.
  5. DO OFFER FOR HELP: If it is possible to try to help them after your transition and make them realize that you will try to find a suitable employee after your transition and recommend others for your company with its positive aspects. Maybe they don’t accept but it will b appreciable for you.
  6. DO ASK FOR REFERENCE: While leaving may be your boss or colleagues provide you with a good and suitable reference. So make sure to ask them for a reference. Are they agree to, tell them to send you via email or phone or ask them to write for you on a LinkedIn recommendation.
  7. DON’T B BAD OR HARSH: No matter what type of relationship you are having with your boss or manager never be harsh and bitter with them. Try to b positive and calm. Also, while leaving don’t yell at them. Don’t be negative or mean. Try to emphasize the company and mention how this company has benefitted you.
  8. DON’T BOAST ABOUT YOUR NEW JOB: Even if you are getting the best job still don’t brag about it. The current company is itself not interested in what you are getting after this. So don’t give reasons to be sad to your colleagues, already they will be due to your decision of leaving a present one.
  9. DON’T EXPRESS EMOTIONAL STATEMENTS: Just understand the importance of keeping calm and professional ton throughout your letter. Don’t disturb personal and past issues in your letter. Avoid sentences like ‘I think’, ‘I feel’ in your letter and be brief and apt in your letter.
  10. DON’T FORGET TO WAVE GOODBYE: Its great idea and loving way to say goodbye to all your colleagues and members of a company. Take time to wave them a good farewell before leaving and mention them that you are leaving your job for reason, maybe retiring, moving to a new place etc.

Sample Resignation Letter with Reason

Simple Resignation Letter Sample

Above mentioned all the important data regarding your resignation is what you exactly searching for and includes all kind of important and to the point stuff. You can search or download many samples and templates of resignation letter and get all don data in one step. It is logical and kind of significant step that you are mentioning you quitting in letter form and giving importance to your boss or that company. A resignation letter shows a form of professionalism in your way.

Simple Resignation Letter Sample

It can be used in the future when someone wants to reach you or you need your ex-colleagues. Obviously, no one wants to hire an employee who will be rude or ill-mannered in is a way and quitting the job without any information. Many employers want a formal letter as a part of your exit process so that you are terminating legally and voluntarily. Beyond everything, it is the best idea to appreciate your supervisor no matter what differences you are having with them. Even if your company is not asking about it, it is always a wise idea to submit your resignation anyway.